Womens Luggage

Womens Luggage

Women today are venturing out and traveling more globally then at any time in history. Women travelers, you traveling alone or in groups, are confronted with different cultures, religions and societies. With this freedom comes risk that men may never encounter. It's a good idea for women to learn how to behave when you are on vacation, studying abroad or traveling for business.


Here are some things you can do that may help you to have a safer world and a more convenient travel.

If you are traveling or on vacation, your best protection is to understand the local culture and customs of the countries you visit. What you see when you look at how area women behave and dress will give you valuable clues on how to avoid sexual harassment.

When local women cover their hair and their arms and legs then you should do that too. Do not wear bikinis, swimsuits, short shorts or in cities where local women are all covered. It is wise to dress conservatively.

Be sure to avoid eye contact Live with men as they might think you're flirting. Do not talk, smile or wave to strange men who may smile or say hello to you. If a man begins to follow you, cross the other side of the street. If this tactic does not work, find a policeman or go into a store and ask for help.

When you need to ask directions, always ask a woman. And if you travel by bus or train, you should always be seated with other women.

A great idea is to always have a scarf on her head versatile in your purse in case you have need to cover the head and arms.

You may want to wear a fake wedding ring to help prevent and discourage off advances unwanted male if you're not married.

Remember to wear a referee's whistle around your neck under your blouse. It might be useful.

Consult guides to countries and areas you are traveling through or to give you a head on what to expect. Also, carry a phrase book in foreign languages with you to help you communicate with people when you get there.

This is not a good idea to wear expensive looking jewelry, watches, wallets digital cameras, or even handbags designer. You do not want to attract thieves or robbers. Pack conservative dress to wear in case you need it for special occasions.

If you travel alone, it is better to travel light. On the one hand you'll be more mobile if you're not overloaded with luggage. If not too small for your belongings, a wheeled carry-on bag or backpack you may be the best choice. It is important to try to have one hand free at all weather. Having two hands free is even better. You must take a bag with a shoulder strap, very large that can fit on the head. Wearing a bag shoulder in this way can help prevent a thief to grab the bag and fled with it. In addition, the bag must be blocked, pockets zip.

That would be a good bag to take camping?

I'm going to the camp of 8 years, for 3 days .. and there is no way I can compromise on style the same time ... I have sacrificed enough to go 3 days without straighteners and a hair dryer! I'm not the camping type!

The reason your school is having to camping is to get it away from the city and technology and everything else. He is supposed to be fun, not a punishment. Even if the bag is really cute, is not the right thing to take a camp, everything you take will get dirty. Also, I'm sure your school does not want you to spend much money on this trip. It is 3 days, you will live. Bring a bag you already own, but you would not be upset because they get stained, dirty or lost. It seems to me that you probably already have cute stuff then why do you need to buy a new bag? Clothes wise, the same thing. Do not buy new things, and bring things you will not be heart broken if you never see again. Bring clothes that are practical, T-shits great cotton and jeans. Do not bring make-up, you'll be outside and make-up will get confused and make your face really dirty. Also do not bring iPods, cell phones, Game Boys or anything like that. They could get lost or broken, and have that kind of thing will get enjoy your trip because you will be distracted by your things that you will not be able to have fun with your friends and abroad. Hope this helps and have tons of fun!