Avent Niplette

question about my boobies *NO GUYS* u are soo not needed?

im 17 and my boobs are still very small 34a.... so i think they are going to grow more...i pretty sure i have inverted nipples and i hate it. they stick out when im cold but not when im normal. will they grow out if my boobs grow out more???

didn't mean to put in makeup ?? i definitely clicked on skin & body??... whatever

your breasts don't stop growing til around 21-25, and even after that they sometimes grow and change shape even more, so more than likely yours will get bigger (unless your mum/aunty/nan have small boobs too, then its just your genes) and your nipples will change too.
you can buy this thing called Avent Niplette, it creates a light suction on your nipple, you wear it daily under your bra (it cant be seen) and it makes your nipples come out so they aren't inverted and they stay out. also your nipples will come out if you get pregnant.

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Inverted nipples?

Inverted nipples in man is there any nonsurgical solution to repair this?

Avent Niplette works for men and women no surgery save thousand of dollars, it cost around $50-60.