Women’s Space on the Web

Women need their own space on the Web. Whether they want to share something, or seek advice that others can provide or simple shop for women’s stuff – all in one place.

If one day you have a question, or need a handbag or blouse or some cosmetics, here is your web space where you can browse and get it from top, trustworthy suppliers at discount prices.

Educating women about the Internet is about teaching women how to get connected and why it is important to be part of the Web. Get advice, talk and shop all in one place is the time saver and improves your efficiency. Education should include sharing knowledge about the practical uses of the web, how it can be used in ways that are empowering to women's lives and examples of how women are currently participating in creating Internet culture.

Professionally, Internet literacy strengthens women's edge in the job market and increases their value in the market place. In the private area, the Internet offers a link to family members and friends, particularly those who lack geographical proximity. If you have questions on any subject, here is the place to ask and other ladies or girls will help you.

Her Web Space website is an interesting introduction to this developing field.